Yaga fashion textile design studio

Yaga textile studio creates handmade fabrics with unique texture effects based on patented
technology. Yaga presents innovations in fashion clothing and interior decorations.
Yaga fusion textile, being at the intersection of ancient traditions and up-
to-date hi-tech achievements, bravely removes the distance
between art and craft, modesty and luxury.

Fashion fabrics and clothing

Yaga fabrics find their place not only in avant-garde fashion, but also in pret-a-porter.
We make all kinds of fashion clothing, decorate interiors with all kinds of home textiles.
Texture expressiveness, wide color spectrum and bulk effect allow us to create
unique clothes, theatre costumes and scenographic elements. Moreover,
the special fabric compositions can be displayed in show rooms as
"painting" of a new trend. Ready-made Yaga patterns own
unique effects, plasticity, texture, and the depth which
has never been achieved in textile design.
Each  pattern  is  guaranteed to  be a
 single unit  due to its  original  design,
handmade work, and technological
secrets of manufacturing.
Welcome to Yaga's world
woven by us.