Russian textile studio YAGA

Russian textile design studio YAGA news

The exhibitions and shows in Russia and outside Russia where Yaga textile studio has taken part featuring Russian textile. The more information is available on Russian web-pages.

 Fashion show / collection
Fashion show / collection VREMENINET / LeShow

 Winter printed jackets
Winter printed jackets

 Wearable art hoodies
Wearable art hoodies

 Collection of clothing SURREALITY
Collection of clothing SURREALITY

 Collection of tunics Magic
Collection of tunics Magic is near

 Wearable art clothing by
Wearable art clothing by Yaga

 Fashion show of designer
Fashion show of designer clothing, Ladya 2019, Moscow

 The article Back to
The article Back to the Future about Yaga designer textiles

 New collection of wool
New collection of wool scarves, shawls, wraps

  Collection of designer
Collection of designer clothing To be continued

 Fashion show by YAGA
Fashion show by YAGA in Moscow

 Lightweight summer coats Microcosm
Lightweight summer coats Microcosm in Macrocosm

 Clothing collection ExLibris by
Clothing collection ExLibris by YAGA

 Fashion show of
Fashion show of new clothing collection "EX LIBRIS"

 Fashion collection of designer
Fashion collection of designer clothing EX-LIBRIS

  Trade fair Fashion
Trade fair Fashion Flax and Knitted Wear

 New collection of coats
New collection of coats Moscow Autumn

 Window into summer for
Window into summer for the whole year!

Out-of-competition show of new clothing collection by YAGA

 Handmade clothing by Yaga:
Handmade clothing by Yaga: lightweight wool coats and vests

 Collection of clothing and
Collection of clothing and accessories SPRING YAGA

 Collection of handmade clothing
Collection of handmade clothing TERRANOVA

 Yaga chiffon scarves and
Yaga chiffon scarves and shawls

 Yaga handmade clothing and
Yaga handmade clothing and accessories in Moscow, Russia

 Yaga handmade clothing Ice
Yaga handmade clothing Ice and Flame

 Collection of handmade clothing
Collection of handmade clothing and accessories Morning colors delicate light

 Interiors of the bedroom
Interiors of the bedroom and living-room

 Handmade clothing shop Russian
Handmade clothing shop Russian style

 Collection of accessories Spring
Collection of accessories Spring 2016

 Yaga bedsread
Yaga bedcover

 Collection of Yaga fashion
Collection of Yaga fashion clothing CONTRAST, Fall 2015

  Textile design studio
Textile design studio YAGA opens a showroom

 Collection of Yaga casual
Collection of Yaga casual clothing 20+

  Summer bags
Summer bags

  Yaga fashion accessories
Yaga fashion accessories FLEUR

 YAGA in a big
YAGA in a big city

  Yaga at exhibition
Yaga at exhibition ARTIGIANO IN FIERA 2013 in Milan

 Meeting of the summer
Meeting of the summer in the art cafe Rukav

  Volvo  Fashion
Volvo Fashion week in Moscow, March 27 April 01, 2013

 Yaga collection of clothing
Yaga collection of clothing Vernisage, fall / winter

 Russian Eco Fashion Week
Russian Eco Fashion Week in Moscow, June 2012

 Collection of linen summer
Collection of linen summer clothing Summer cottage party

 Fashion Industry  Astana
Fashion Industry Astana 2012

 Yaga at Volvo Fashion
Yaga at Volvo Fashion Week in Moscow

 Yaga new fashion clothing
Yaga new fashion clothing and accessories

 Yaga online shop on
Yaga online shop on Etsy

 Yaga second trip to
Yaga second trip to Siberia. Festival Artania 2011 in Novosibirsk

 Russian Art Week 17-22
Russian Art Week 17-22 May, 2011

 Deep in Siberian Mines
Deep in Siberian Mines Yaga in Tyumen.

From 3rd  till 9th of March, in Tyumen, there was held a trade show of decorative applied arts «ART SHOW. FOLK ARTS».

YAGA took part in this project, since it was a good reason to visit Baba Yaga’s native land.