Irina Yega

YAGA studio came into being in summer of 1999. The exact date is unknown.

From numerological point of view, the number of the year is a very good set of figures: "one" stands for beginning. But, as the reference scale shows, the distance from "0" to "1" stretched out for more than 10 years. Ten years of hard work over little-known technologies, mastering the complicated equipment, experiments, investigations. Ten years of trials and errors, lucks and failures.

At present, YAGA is a unique studio, where a few artists "conjure" with all love and passion. They are initiated in "Yaga's mysteries" (literally).

That is why each Yaga thing is filled with particular energy. It bewitches and makes you wonder. That's why we call people who buy from us, not as clients and customers, but we call them friends and like-minded. And that's why I want to finish this short survey of Yaga's history, since Yaga-fabrics are woven better than any fine words spoken.

Yours faithfully,
Director of YAGA studio,
a staff member of the department “Art textile” at the Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry,
Irina Yega


Short Yaga's profile
August 1999 - First experiments
May 2000 - Yaga received the patent on invention of new technology
December 2000 - First trade-show of Yaga works
Spring 2002 - Registration of the web-site www.yaga.ru
- Participation in Defile on the Neva river in St. Petersburg.
Fall 2002 - First interior order
Spring 2003 - First interior contest-exhibition
Summer 2003 - First export contract
Spring 2004 - Yaga started to collaborate with designer Natalia Zaitseva
Summer 2004 - first collection of Natalia Zaitseva for YAGA named "Improvisation"
Autumn 2004 - first international exhibition in Zagreb
- First place in nomination "The handmade fabric-2004"
Winter 2005 - Participation in European international fair Messe Frankfurt Ambiente
Summer 2006
 – Irina Yega joined the International “Union of Designers”.
Autumn 2006
  – Yaga created a collection of fabrics for Fashion House of
Vyacheslav Zaitsev.
Spring 2007
  – first show at Fashion Week in Moscow. Wear collection
Spring 2008  – first cycle of classes of the course “Yaga-fabrics
manufacturing techniques”.
Fall 2010

- Jubilee show of new clothing collection "BerYberi - White Africa"

Since 2016 - Irina Yega – a costume designer of the textile design lab at Creative Workshop ROST, Moscow State Textile University named after  A.N. Kosygin