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Yaga textiles design - fabrics for fashion wear and interior fabrics

In our fusion textile design studio "Yaga" there has been created a new type of textile material based on patented technology - Yaga-fabrics. Yaga exclusive fabrics is a step forward in modern textiles design and in interior design in general. We are constantly conducting experiments and their results expand even greater the possibilities of Yaga-technologies. Yaga-fabrics, like excellent actors, can be dominant in any interior, at the same time they are also able to play the second part as the texture background or delicate design support.

Yaga fabrics

Interior fabrics

Yaga-fabrics characteristics

  1. Yaga-fabric is a joining into one whole cloth of various fabrics, yarns, threads, fibers in any combination without seams, stitches, glue, and other auxiliary means. By analogy with metallurgy it is a fusion of textile materials
  2. Yaga-fabric is distinguished by its great patterns, plasticity, depth and texture effects which can not be achieved in other technologies
  3. Yaga-fabric is not only primary cloth for further work but they can be also referred to a handmade art-object unique due to its origin. The figurative row of Yaga-fabrics is endless
  4. The time required for Yaga-fabric manufacture depends on how complex the conception is, but in any case it is less than needed in traditional methods of handmade work (batik, tapestry, painting)
  5. The length of Yaga-fabric is unlimited. Seamless width of the pattern is determined by the width of primary cloth, in the limit - 180 cm

Basic Yaga-effects

  1. Joining of heavy and sheer materials create:
    • stain-glass effect
    • tattoo effect
    • diffusion effect
  2. Overlaying of several layers of textile materials create:
    • antiquity effect
    • ancient fresco effect
    • three-dimensional effect
    • two-sided effect
    • mosaic effect
  3. Using of widespread materials (denim, flax, silk, brocade, artificial leather, tweed, etc) in Yaga-technology create:
    • transformation effect making them (base materials) unrecognizable
Yaga textile

Yaga interior fabrics

Our opportunities and offers

  • Creation, according to order, interior environments by using Yaga interior fabrics
  • Yaga-fabrics inclusion into already existing interiors
  • Yaga-things for interior: portieres, fabrics-objects for walls, hangings, bed curtains, fabrics for lighting objects, coverings, bedspreads, rugs, fabrics for curtains, screens
  • Attraction of the specialists in the spheres: handmade glass and ceramics, interior design, fresco
  • The cost of work is determined at the draft project stage
  • Creation of unique Yaga-fabrics for high fashion which are made to order and meet all couturier's creative conceptions
  • Yaga-studio also offers its own products as the addition to already existing clothes collections for shows and demonstrations
    Theater & Show:
    Studio YAGA offers theatre and cinema artists, art photographers, masters of style to use Yaga-fabrics in theatre costume, scenographic elements as art-objects and for creation of image environment