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Collection of tunics «Magic is near»

Collection of tunics «Magic is near»

In a new collection of wool tunics by YAGA we have used the prints of the world famous modernist artists: rare works by Pablo Picasso from the series “Imaginary Portraits”, the paintings of Kandinsky, and a series of tunics are based on the color lithographs by Salvador Dali: “the Burning Giraffe”, "Virgin and the Rhinoceros", “Royal Insect”.

Salvador Dali filled with his unrestrained imagination any aspect of creativity. He is rightfully considered the king of surrealism. Once Dali on the question: “What is surrealism?” responded by his famous statement” I myself am surrealism”. The Spanish genius did not sink into oblivion, he again twits his famous moustache and habitually shocks the excited audience at the exhibitions in art galleries around world. Now, the part of his magic is transferred on Yaga tunics “Magic is near” so that the slogan “Surrealism is me” can be the motto of anyone who will wear these designer tunics by Yaga.

Brand “YAGA” does not just copy the images from the paintings of great artists onto clothes, but creates “things in themselves” by implementing own design patterns and elements. Thus, a whole harmonious picture is obtained that brings about a real wearable art masterpiece.

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Designer tunic Salvador Dali
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