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Wearable art hoodies

Wearable art hoodies

The word “hoodie” is derived from the English word “hood”. It is the short form of “hooded sweatshirt.” The comfortable, cozy and functional hoodie that enables easy moving has become an integral part of urban fashion, regardless of gender, age and geography.

The hoodies by YAGA have their own image and style! They are distinguished by unique prints based on the painting of the world-famous artists and illustrations from the medieval manuscripts. The hoodies by YAGA are released in a limited edition clothing line.

The hoodies are “one size” that provides a loose fit for any type of figure, from 42 to 56 sizes. Stylish hoodies by YAGA are not only a fashion trend and high-quality clothing, but also the best way to get closer to the masterpieces of world culture. Our experience and great customer reviews and feedback guarantee that you will definitely attract attention and be irresistible!

The fabric used in hoodie manufacture is footer, 100% brushed cotton on the inside, extremely soft to the touch. The print is applied all over the hoodie by means of dye-sublimation printing, when the special dye permeates the fiber structure under high temperature and pressure. As a result, the pattern will never fade after washing and walking in the sun.

Yaga hoodie has kangaroo pockets. It is very cozy and comfortable to wear this artistic hoodie. You will look great wearing our hoodies. The unique print will definitely attract everybody’s attention.

We make art more accessible to people!

You can see, buy or order designer hoodies by brand YAGA on our online shop on Etsy

hoodie Kandinsky
hoodie Petrogliph
hoodie Gioconda
Hoodie Gauguin
hoodie Labyrinth
Hoodie  Miro