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Collection of clothing «SURREALITY»

Collection of clothing «SURREALITY»

Our reality has changed. But we don’t lament over the past. Now the reality became SUR-REALITY. The glass castle of the past shattered, but in the magic glass kaleidoscope it reassembled – into bizarre pattern of the New Wonderful World. Indeed, wonderful, but not entirely new. The world had already broken up and gathered again, giving rise to its troubadours, the singers of surreality.

And now, we imperceptibly entered the new Middle Ages, where real threats mix with myths, the Earth becomes flat again, fear mutates into insane fun, and those seized by it start to dance in an embrace with strange creatures that have come to us from the neighboring worlds.

Starting from the medieval manuscripts, frescos and stained-glass, we offer you the main dish – the collection of clothing «SURREALITY» with prints based on the palette of artists-surrealists of the XX century. So, we begin. We begin to collect mosaic of Surreality.

The first to mention is, of course, our inexhaustible Wassily Kandinsky. Next – his spiritual brother Joan Miro, then Paul Klee, just a friend and classmate of Wassily Wassilyevich, and further – many-sided Max Ernst, a creator of different art movements; and finally we give the central place in our mosaic to Victor Brauner, a representative of surrealism, who is almost unknown to the general public. Victor Brauner was born in Romania. The artist was fond of esoterica and mysticism and especially took great interest in myths of the collective Don Juan. Based on Indian mythology he created the prototype of the evolving creatures of the future digital age.

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Victor Brauner
Joan Miro
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Paul Gauguin
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Dance macabre
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