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Wearable art clothing by Yaga

Wearable art clothing by Yaga

The new collection of designer clothes “Artifact” by YAGA turned out to be very picturesque.

Prints based on a series of medieval tapestries captivating with their exquisite color palette and rich décor are widely used in surface designs. Primitive cave drawings, images of intricate animals that Eastern Scythians applied to their bodies as a tattoo, illustrations from medieval manuscripts also found their place in Yaga’s wearable art clothing collection.
The collection “Artifact” was also inspired by Russian traditions. The skirt, the coat and a scarf-hood covered with prints of traditional patterns and ornaments of Hohloma painting perfectly create the image of a Russian beauty. Famous modern artists also did not stand aside: the elements of painting of such avant-garde artists as Picasso, Kandinsky, Juan Miro are applied on Yaga-fabric. It’s not just a simple copy of famous paintings on clothing, brand YAGA creates “things-in-themselves” using various design elements of it’s own. Thus, a whole unique wearable art consisting of amazing mosaics comes into being.

Due to state-of-the-art dye-sublimation printing, the colors of print do not fade in the sun and while washing. All pieces of clothing by Yaga are unique, made by special copyright technology that includes manual labor of professional craftswomen and special equipment. Yaga products are created in a single copy or in a limited issue of the size range.

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