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Yaga handmade clothing “Ice and Flame”

Yaga handmade clothing “Ice and Flame”

Bright colors, contrast of warm and cold hues, dynamics of lines. All pieces of clothing from the new collection “Ice and Flame” are perfect for urban fashionistas. Yaga handmade clothing enables to look effective, unique and creative both at work and at the party. These amazing handmade products are good to wear in cool fall weather. They get your warm and cheer with bright colors.

The small sleeves of the poncho make you feel more comfortable and free. The items are decorated with original floral design like the feather of the Firebird.

Cardigans, skirts, ponchos, vests are made with love and care by using ancient traditions and up-to-date technologies.
Yaga clothing retains its original look even after long usage. The item neither shrinks nor stretches.

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