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Clothing collection “ExLibris” by YAGA

Clothing collection “ExLibris” by YAGA

The collection “Ex Libris” is a heritage of medieval miniatures and Byzantine mosaics transferred to the world of yaga-fabrics. Delicate and sometimes naive beauty of the religious themes hidden for centuries in the silence of monasteries and basilicas, comes out to noisy, excessive modernity, enters the world of fashion and up-to-date technologies. And it finds its place in it, confidently bringing a half-forgotten aesthetics into the realities of the present time, without embarrassment to come together with avant-garde trends.

The lightweight coats are created with the use of proprietary two-layer Yaga fusion technology.

The outer layer – chiffon with a print, the colors of which do not fade in the sun and while washing. In the process of “fusion” the fabric acquires its character – as if it was woven by hand hundreds of years ago. And with all this, the nobleness of the texture does not affect its durability. The fabric is firm and long-wearing.

The under-layer of the “fusion” is made of organic cotton for a comfortable fit to the body.

The lowered shoulder and armhole line creates comfort in motion. The silhouette, slightly narrowed to the bottom, visually slims the figure. The coat is fastened with snap closures. Features of the cut make it possible to choose a larger size without compromising the appearance and wearing convenience.

The wool coats, vests and wraps of «Ex Libris» collection are made of high-quality yarn well balanced in composition (merino 35%, wool 15%, acrylic 50%), so yaga handmade fabric is soft and comfortable. It is decorated with unique prints on chiffon depicting medieval miniatures that makes is more unique.
Yaga’s wearable art remains looking new even after long use, the items do not stretch and the wool does not pill. Excellent durability is time tested!

All clothes are functional and practical, they can be dry-cleaned or machine-washed.

It is important: all products by YAGA have an unlimited warranty!

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