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Fashion show / collection VREMENINET / LeShow

Fashion show / collection VREMENINET / LeShow

The presentation of the new clothing collection “VREMENINET” (There is no time) by Russian brand YAGA at the international fashion show “LeShow”. The fashion fair LeShow was held in Moscow at the exhibition complex “Expocenter” on the 28th of June, 2022.

The clothing brand YAGA represents the masterpieces of the world culture and makes beauty closer in the truest sense of the word. The collection “VREMENINET” reminds us that beauty is timeless: it reveals itself to us from Paleolithic caves and Scythian burial mounds, from the first Christian monasteries, Flemish manufactories and from art studios of avant-garde artists.

All clothing of the brand is designed for and active and comfortable life in the metropolis, and is also convenient for travel and outdoor recreation.

The collection created is a result of the alchemical fusion of ancient traditions of weaving and world art of various epochs with the modern technologies, such as innovative textile materials, digital visual, sublimation printing and the secrets of the own Yaga-fabric creating.

The fashion show was awesome!
A good choice of background music and visual images projected onto two large screens perfectly conveyed the mood of the collection, taking the audience to another dimension.

Below are the photographs of the fashion show featuring the clothing collection VREMENINET.

You can watch the video of the show on Yaga’s Youtube channel

Irina Yega