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Winter printed jackets

Winter printed jackets

Brand YAGA creates lightweight winter jackets for those who prefer comfort and originality. In jackets manufacture, wear-resistant high-quality materials are used, which perfectly protect against cold, rain and wind. It is also used the brand’s own Yaga-fabric with a “vintage” look made by means of special equipment. The simple and comfortable cut of the jackets ensures maximum comfort.

An effective print design is also a source of pride for the brand. Each clothing piece is a “story” about a masterpiece of the world cultural heritage. The lining fabric has the ornamental print harmonically matching the main image.

The unique print designs on the jackets are created on the basis of medieval art and painting by artists of different eras, from cave paintings of ancient people to avant-garde artists. The image is applied by the state-of-the-art method of sublimation and is not subject to fading.

Like all clothing of the brand, the printed winter jackets are sewed in limited edition.
The winter jacket by YAGA is best to wear both in the city, and in countryside as well. It is ideal for those who are driving, for active sports in winter, and just for walking in the park.
The top of the jacket: waterproof and breathable fabric Dewspo. Inside - the premium class insulation “Isosoft” (up to -20 ° C). The lining - “Armani silk”.

Isosoft insulation of the new generation developed by the Belgian company Libeltex is the leader of the European synthetic insulations with the international quality certificate ISO 9001. Isosoft has amazing heat-shielding properties and at the same time remains incredibly thin, lightweight and breathable insulation.

Yaga printed jackets are not just a trendy hit and high-quality clothing, but also a reason to learn more about world culture heritage and enjoy art directly. The vast experience and numerous testimonials from satisfied customers ensure that you will definitely draw attention and be irresistible!

If you want to buy a winter jacket, please send us an email to with the photograph of the item you want to purchase or indicate the webpage with the picture of the item you want to order. We accept PayPal payments.

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