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New collection of coats Moscow Autumn

New collection of coats Moscow Autumn

Wonderful sunny weather, the blue of the sky and the gold of the autumn leaves… The plastic and warm of the coats from the new line “Moscow Autumn” are in harmony with the mood of the autumn city.

The relaxed fit, pockets, and the comfortable length of the coats “Karri” and “Chocolate” make you feel relaxed and at ease. The coats do not demand a strict style, you can wear almost everything under them: jeans, trousers, skirts of different length, sneakers, boots, high heels… Having opened the coat or pin it with the favorite brooch, you can enjoy walking in a warm day and in cool evening as well.

The coats “Morocco” and “Fleurdorange” are more openwork. I used fine wool yarns with 35% merino content in creating them. The coasts turned out to be really light and airy, with a feminine silhouette. They look great with a dress, that is very actual not for the first season.

It is very simple to care for our products: machine wash at 30 degrees (Celsius), modes: “wool”, “delicate”, a slow spin. Dry the coat on a hanger, then warm ironing with steam on “wool” setting. And all as good as new!

It is important: all products by YAGA have an unlimited warranty!

The coats from the new collection “Moscow Autumn” are already on sale on our online shop on Etsy

Yaga coat Chocolate
Yaga coat Karri
Yaga coat Morocco
Yaga coat Fleurdorange