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Many-sided Yaga

Many-sided Yaga

Yaga is bright, passionate, tender, thoughtful, strict, ascetic, dismal, cheerful, funny. All "nuances of character and mood. Let’s go further (or turn backward) to childhood, to a fairy tale.

We are opening Hut-Museum of Baba Yaga. So far in virtual reality. And further: Well, Rome was not built in a day either.

The first lodgers of the Hut - Baba Yagas from my collection. The collection has been created spontaneously for 6 years. Some exhibits have been brought from other cities and countries and were presented by our friends. Something I obtained myself, and something was made to order by puppet-makers. As the result came into being an idea - Baba Yaga Hut-Museum.

I think you are interested what is going on our website. And you would like to look at the Hut on Chicken Legs. As for us, we would like to see in our friendly company your version - a photograph of Baba Yaga. We will post the most interesting photographs on our website. Send us your picks of Yaga. Send us JPEG and, please, do not exceed 800 x 800 pixels in size.

It’s only a beginning of an interesting project.

Good luck! Irina Yega