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"Rublevka-dacha" Magazine, May 2006
Yaga and a magic thread

You have chosen textile to embody your conceptions and ideas. Why textile?

- Fabric has been always attractive for me as a special magic substance which is created by means of multiple transformations. The way from a fibre to a thread, from a thread to a cloth, wide spectrum of colors and shadows, ornaments, patterns - all this bewitched and attracted. I found myself in textile "nets" about 20 years ago having entered the department "Interiors and equipment", Moscow Stroganov Institute of Arts and Crafts. Even my diploma I performed in an exotic technique for that time "artprotis". In 1990’s I purchased the equipment and opened a workshop of my own. In 1998, a textile panel made in my workshop got the status of being a full-fledged professional art. I wanted something new. And then, as in all fair tales, appeared "YAGA".

How does your textile differ from other textiles?

- Indeed, it is a peculiar cloth, it is created due to "fusion" of different textile materials: fibres, fabrics, lace, stockinet, yarns dense and thin, firm and soft. This cloth is pieced together like a mosaic, by hand, without gluing and seaming, and each touch of hands gives it force and energy. Besides, a fairy-tale character Baba Yaga - is not a simple figure: she can give a piece of wise advice, but sometimes an intricate guiding clew - a true woman. The main feature of my fabric is its variety and "ability" to live in harmony with its owner - whether the fabric is designed for wear or for interior.

Do you have your Teacher or Muse?

- I think study and inspiration come hand in hand. Mistakes, failures, depressions are good teachers. Alas, everything can stop without them. Very likely, overcoming obstacles is the very thing that gives power and energy for creative work.

What is more important for you - process or result?

- Both. Moreover, the moment you have reached some result, a new process begins.

What about a dream? Any global goal?

- Ideally I’d like there will be a Global Yaga Club- New Type People Club.

Who usually buys your things?

- People who like to open something new. They are brave, inquisitive people.

Where one can acquire your works?

- In general, they are custom-made, especially with regard to interiors, but we also have ready-made things. You can buy them in our studio.

What is your attitude towards Russian fashion, its modern trends?

- I believe that we live in the entire world, everything is interrelated; and numerous rivers and streams is a part of the World Ocean. For this reason, at the same time in different parts of the planet appeared collections that are very similar. This is called "tendencies". Participation in shows and exhibitions is an evident part of my work. Nevertheless, I am very exacting in choosing the place. Many things are important for me including human relations with organizers of the project.

What is the most important in your life?

- To be alive.