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Violete Belladonna

Violete Belladonna

On March 27, within the framework of the "Fashion Week in Moscow", YAGA presented a new collection autumn - winter 2007/2008 BellaDonna.

The show took place in the club Violete. There were many people present. Along with the defile, the guests were entertained by girls-flowers. Plastic compositions of the "plant" theme presented by the club’s female gymnasts continued the theme of Beautiful Lady. This collection was presented by Raf Sardarov.

News release:

BELLADONNA - a perennial herb, poisonous: Women in ancient Rome used it as a "beauty remedy". Hence derived the name - Belladonna - Beautiful Lady.

BellaDonna - mistress of spring fields and meadows, many-colorful Herda in white realm of the Snow Queen.

BellaDonna - Beautiful Lady, who makes drunk, leads the wrong way: drawing to the gardens of temptation.

BellaDonna - essence of flight, a dance of awaken fairies in the forest of the charmed travelers.

BellaDonna - the star of White Dame, night feast of sundews, a cup’s thirst quenched by silver dew.

BellaDonna - <wide opened eyes> upon the wonderful world of color and beauty.