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Academy Normandia-Moscow

Academy Normandia-Moscow

With assistance of the association "Academy Normandia-Moscow" Yaga reached the ocean\'s vast expanses of northern France and covered these a little chilly on the salty wind lands with warm plaids-shawls.

Among 20 academician painters Yaga made a trip to the sea town Port-Bay, left her trace on the approaches to Mont Saint Michel, conquered the walls of the Corsairs\' town Saint Malo, and inspired by masterpieces of Louvre, the medieval Cluny Museum of medieval art:
In Port Bay we stayed for 9 days, organized the exhibition that received great praise and many compliments. Yaga\'s exposition was bright, fresh, and attractive!

While French art lovers were admiring Russian art, with a little restraint, to be hones, we, artists, armed with painter\'s cases were hunting for beautiful clouds and pictorial light, chasing after the elusive ocean, and eating, like real savages, the oysters we found among stones.

Paris should be also mentioned since we had a rest in that beautiful city after our creative works. Paris filled us with new impressions and energy that will be enough till the next year. Why the next? Because Yaga will certainly go to Paris again!