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First Moscow international exhibition «Doll Art»

First Moscow international exhibition «Doll Art»
People driving by and coming out of the metro station could not understand at once what’s going on. They were watching a huge line of people stretching across the all Manege square to the central entrance of the exhibition complex “Manege”.

/>  I can compare this phenomenon only with the line to Lenin’s Mausoleum in the Soviet times and with the much-talked exhibition “Moscow-Parish” held in the Pushkin Museum. Indeed, the first international exhibition “Doll Art” deserved such a great attention. A very large, skillfully-arranged composition included dolls from different parts of the world. There have been presented old dolls from private collections, and modern author’s artworks performed in various techniques and styles.

Flip dolls for theatrical performances and flat puppets for the shadow theatre, giant dolls-art objects, porcelain dolls, elves, arlecchinos, huge bears, mechanical musical boxes, doll amulets – and that’s only a small part of all exhibits displayed at the exhibition. In addition there were dolls in art, photography, cartoons. It’s the whole parallel world, attractive and loved from childhood.

We are very glad that Yaga’s stand successfully blended with this fantastic atmosphere and in its turn delighted the visitors of the magical project.